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Hi, I'm Janet. This is my LiveJournal. Until October 11, 2012, my journal was public. But, from here on out, it won't be. There are some relatives who have chosen to resort to demeaning measures to keep tabs on me. Because of that, I'll be careful about who I add on here.

The Rules and What to Expect:
  1. If I know you in real life (i.e. family, schools I've gone to, church), then we can't be friends on here. I'm sorry, but there are 2 places in my life where I have this policy (Twitter & here)
  2. If you've ever stalked me (i.e. the infamous Canadian), then you're not welcome here.
  3. If you and I have talked online before, let me know.
  4. If you and I have interests in common, let me know.
  5. If you will not forgive the occasional ramble about things like vampires, then chances are you won't like it here.
  6. If you don't like politics or lean toward the platform of groups like "The Tea Party", then chance are that you really won't like it here.
  7. If you just want to read my main posts and not my more private posts, then you might consider just reading them at fuzzypinkslippers.com. Most of my posts are crossposted. If you can't view them on my domain, then you probably shouldn't be here right now.
  8. If you don't know me, but want to friend me anyway, you should know:
    • I have some pretty serious issues with family members. When it comes to my parental issues, what I rant about should be taken as a rant and not a serious complaint. That used to be true for most other family members, but, as you may have figured out by now, most of the complaints about them are very serious.
    • I have a fair amount of health problems of both the physical and mental varieties. I can mock these...you cannot. If you do, I will boot you off my friends list. I've had folks do this before online and I am sick of it.
    • I might come off as brash--I'm not necessarily trying to be rude.  I have a temper.  I have a short fuse.  I have anger  issues, and I've pretty much repressed them all my life.  I'm trying to express myself in healthy manners, but 20+ years of bad habits can't be cured overnight.
    • I am a fangirl.
    • I will plug my sites whenever and wherever I pick.  Since it's my journal, I'm allowed that. - If you like me, you might consider joining the fanlisting.  If you dislike me, then you probably shouldn't be here.  ;)
    • I am sarcastic. I am also very sensitive.
    • I have a lot of trust issues and I don't think anyone truly likes or respects me.
    • If you make me cry, I may boot you off the friends list without notice.
If you want to be added to the friends list, you must comment and let me know: Who you are, a little about you/, and if I know you from somewhere.

Find Me Elsewhere (Friends Only)

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